Monday Mistakes

December 1, 2014 9:47 am

rocker princess 2

Someone wise – or perhaps someone silly – once said “We don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents.”
As someone who makes mistakes by the minute, I can say without doubt that some of them are definitely not happy or little. – Don’t separate frozen food with a big knife. Just don’t. This is the emergency room kind of mistake –
Other mistakes can lead to beautiful results. The above image was captured while I was filming an editorial, my camera shook as I moved, and later while revising the footage I saw this strange moment of movement and mystery. This split second is actually my favourite thing I captured all day on set.


I guess a mistake is what you make of it. Unless you end up at the ER, then it’s just a mistake.
double 2

And maybe this post is one long mistake, but I guess it’s one that I’m willing to make! Art, DIY, fashion, I’m never sure exactly what I’m going to post on this blog, but I kind of like it that way.

Cheers to monday mistakes, rambling thoughts, and art!

– Alana

To view the ACTUAL editorial and all the wonderful people who worked on it, click now!


  • GORGEOUS photo!

    …and at the very least, even if the mistake doesn’t turn out to be a good one, at least we learn from it.

    • Alana

      Thank you so much Sagan! I’m glad that you like the photo, I am weirdly obsessed with it but I didn’t know what anyone else would think.
      Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment, it made my morning! And yes, all mistakes are great learning experiences 🙂

      xo Alana

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