DIY Perfume Clutch

August 14, 2013 4:11 pm


 The perfume clutch. An accessory that I initially thought to be too campy became an obsession. Seen above, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper rocked the Charlotte Olympia clutch and subsequently rocked my world. The clutch retails at $1,200 and the Chanel perfume clutch retails at $9,500….prices I’m NOT willing to pay for an accessory that may or may not stand the test of time. DIY time!

IMG_4118 IMG_4124 IMG_4125

I decided to use the Chanel n.5 bottle as my inspiration, as it’s cult status and clean lines lent to an easy DIY.

Tools needed:

– Acrylic soap dish (I found mine at Winners, but I’ve seen similar clean shapes Home Outfitters or other home decor shops)
– If the soap dish has a lid, SCORE! I took my soap dish into Industrial Plastics and Paint (one of my favourite stores!) and had them cut a piece of acrylic to size. It cost me about $3 and was ready later that day. Look for a local plastics provider in your area.
Acrylic cube card holder (I found mine at Michaels and simply pulled out the wire)
Small door hinge
Magnetic door clasp (my clasp came in a plastic case, which I popped right off to expose the bare metal and magnet. Feel free to leave the plastic on)
E6000 glue. This stuff is amazing, just make sure to leave it for 24 hours to dry before handling.

This seems like quite a few supplies, but the total cost of the project was around $30, which compared to $1,200 is a HUGE savings!


1. Apply the E600 directly to the hinge, place on the acrylic piece. Do the same for the acrylic cube and the magnetic clasp.chanel3 chanel2

2. Leave these overnight to ensure the glue has dried. It doesn’t dry instantly, but the hold is worth the wait!

3. Place the acrylic piece on top of the dish, make sure everything is lined up, then glue the other face of the hinge to the soap dish and glue the metal clasp to the acrylic piece.chanel7

4. Print and cut out your label (I found matte photo paper looks the best.) Spray the back with adhesive and carefully place it on the clutch.

5. Let everything dry for 24 hours.chanel5IMG_4128

IMG_4122I can’t wait to use my clutch for fancy events where you only need your phone, some money and a lipstick!

Have fun with the different bottle shapes, different toppers (vintage tea light holders work great), and different labels. I’ve attached the label I used plus a blank template to customize your own label!

Let me know if you like this or if you try it out!

(UPDATE: I found this Acrylic box ready made, all you have to do is add the top and the label!!)

xox Alana

 Get the label template here!


  • Ever since I saw the Charlotte Olympia perfume clutch, I have been obsessed about it too, but similarly balked at the hefty price. Then I saw Chanel is making transparent and black plexi No. 5 perfume clutches for Cruise 2013-2014 and figured the price would be even crazier. But nothing could have prepared me for the actual price tag: $9500! In comparison, the $1,200 clutch now seems like a bargain, lol. Anyways, thank you so much for this tutorial! Now I’m going to make myself a $30 perfume clutch and I’m sure it’s going to be just as durable as the $9,500 version haha.

    • Alana

      Hi Advo, Thanks so much for your comment. Both prices are pretty outrageous so I’m super excited to share this with everyone. I hadn’t seen the Chanel cruise clutches yet, so thank you so much for sharing. Please let me know how yours turns out if you try it!!!
      xox Alana

  • So fresh and so clean. Love it!

  • This is soo cute!! love the idea!

    • Alana

      Thanks Caitlin!!! I’m actually in love with it as well, plus it’s pretty durable. DIY success! Let me know if you try it out.
      xo Alana

  • This looks so well done! Like it was bought from a store, very cool!

    • Alana

      Thanks Tanya! I do aim to recreate pieces that I’m genuinely obsessed with, and create them at the highest quality I can! Thanks for stopping by!
      xo Alana

  • It’s such a cool idea and your diy is definitely better than the $1,200 option!

  • Love it! You should sell some. I would so buy one if you did 🙂 xx

    • Alana

      Thats a great idea Kim! I’m working towards a store of sorts…Thanks for the vote of confidence!
      xo Alana

  • Michelle

    I love your DIY’s, I always come here looking for more. You really do have a skill with making quality projects that really stand out on the interwebs so please.. keep these coming! x

    • Alana

      Thanks you SOO much Michelle, I like to make things that I would be proud to wear/use, and I’m so glad you like them! I have a ton of projects brewing, so come back soon!!
      xoxo Alana

  • I got all the supplies minus the soap dish! I live in the US and have been to so many stores but just cant find one similar to this :/!

  • HI! I was just wondering how heavy yours is? The lucite looks heavy to me because of how thick it is! Beautiful idea!

    • Alana

      Hi Leah! I actually wanted it to be a little weighty vs. thin & flimsy. That being said it’s super light, maybe the weight of a regular mug without any liquid in it. Hope that helps? Thanks for stopping by! xo Alana

  • Such a pretty idea!!!! I’d really love to try this myself, it’s gorgeous. I just found your blog through pinterest! I’ll have to have more of a look around 🙂

  • This is so awesome!! I love that bag but of course can’t afford it. You are a diy goddess. Must try 😉

    • Alana

      Thanks so much Aubree, you should definitely try it, I love carrying mine 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. xo Alana

  • This looks so polished & professional! Fabulous job 🙂

  • Shylaja

    Hi, I have a school formal coming up and I was wondering if you’d be able to make one for me to purchase :)?

    • Alana

      Hey Shylaja, when is your school formal? I might be able to if there’s some time!!! xo Alana

  • Brookie

    Hi Alana,
    Is it possible to get a rough measurement of the piece of acrylic you had cut by Industrial Plastic and Paint? I would like to make this bag for Melbourne Cup and just need a starting point at how large to base each piece around this one. Thanks so much for posting this DIY. Love it!

    • Alana

      Hi Brookie! The piece I cut was approx 5 3/4 inches by 4 inches. It’s pretty much the size of a regular clutch / perhaps a little smaller. There is also the pre-made box option in the post update! Let me know if you have any other questions! Ohh and good luck!!
      xo Alana

  • This is wonderful!!! Thank you so much for putting this together! I’ve got to try this for sure! 🙂

  • Alexandra

    Could you make me one?! I’m terrible with crafts and yours is just so cute!

    • Alana

      Hi Alexandra! I’ve had SO many people asking me to make them one so I’m looking into making a few for sale shortly! Stay tuned…
      xo Alana

  • Narvelan Coleman

    Alana…you’ve done a beautiful diy! I am a 65 year old mother to a wonderful daughter, who absolutely LOVES the out-of-this-world-priced Lucite original. She stumbled upon your website, and forwarded it to me. If you are going to start duplicating this bag; would you add me to the list so I can purchase one for my daughter. Loving Chanel is a tradition with the women in my family. Thanks so much! Narvelan

    • Alana

      Hi Narvelan! I’m so flattered that you ended up on my site, and what a lovely gesture to search for one for your daughter. I do need to warn you that the quality is, I’m sure, quite different than a $9,000 original. That being said I will definitely let you know if / when I start making perfume clutches for purchase. I’m currently looking at different options for materials so I can offer the best quality at the best price. Thank you again, and stay tuned!
      xo Alana

  • Colline

    Hi Alana

    I stumbled on your website today. I absolutely loved it and this DIY is one of the best I’ve ever seen. thank you so much for sharing. I’m looking at recreating this DIY will let you know how it goes. thanks again xxx

    • Alana

      Thanks so much Colline! So glad you loved the DIY and my site, it means a lot to me! Come back again 🙂 xo Alana

  • What?! This is the best DIY I’ve seen to date. Seriously! I’ve been searching for a replica of CO’s perfume clutches. I am going to try your idea.
    xo Natasha

    • Alana

      Thanks so much Natasha, it really is one of my favourites too! Good luck and let me know how yours turns out!!
      xo Alana

  • I love this! I have to make my own. You have done a really good job!
    xo Sara

  • Rashida Hutchins

    I love it. Never saw the original before but I love what you’ve created. I was looking around for a soap dish because I like the thickness of yours. What do you think of this one?

    • Alana

      Hi Rashida! I’m so glad you love the tutorial! The Jonathan Adler dish looks pretty good, but since the inside edges are curved I’m not sure how much you could fit in the clutch. It would be perfect for some cash and credit cards, but it may be too thin an opening for a phone or lipstick. DOes that help?!I’m eternally on the lookout for the prefect soap dish online, I’ll let you know if I find one!

      xo Alana

  • Wow! This looks so good! I’ve been eyeing those clutches and wanted to do a DIY version myself, but didn’t even know where to start! You did an amazing job! Thanks!

    • Alana

      Thanks so much Ashley! I checked out your post on the Chanel clutches, thanks for the lovely shout out! Let me know how yours turns out 🙂
      xo Alana

  • Katie

    Hi Alana! I love this DIY and am going to try it as soon as I can! Is it possible to add a chain strap or would it break?

    • Alana

      Hi Katie!! I’m so glad you’re going to give it a try. I would definitely recommend drilling a hole into the plastic and attaching the chain that way. I think glueing a chain strap wouldn’t last too long, and that would be sad.
      Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions! xo Alana

      • Mehrene

        Hey I’m from the uk I was wondering if you can make me one as I am soooo bad at DIY 🙂 I love the chanel purse you have made xxxxx

  • Hi Alana, that looks lovely how many mm thick is the acrylic you have used as it looks quite chunky and what are the dimensions of yours. is it all still holding together well? x

    • Alana

      Hi Kate! The acrylic was about 3/4 inch thick, which gives it a perfect weight! So many other acrylic boxes are so thin and flimsy. It is still holding together pretty well, but dropping/throwing it on the ground is not advised 😉
      I hope that helps, let me know if you need any other tips!
      xo Alana

    • Alana

      Hi Kate! The acrylic was about 3/4 inch thick, which gives it a perfect weight! So many other acrylic boxes are so thin and flimsy. It is still holding together pretty well, but dropping/throwing it on the ground is not advised 😉
      I hope that helps, let me know if you need any other tips!
      xo Alana

  • I love your DIY tutorial! I can’t wait to make my own perfume clutch.I live in the UK and I’m trying to find a box like the one at the Container Store. I tried looking at the Range but can’t see a soap dish like the one used in the tutorial. Can anyone reccommend a box from a UK supplier or store? Thanks!

    • Alana

      Hi Ivy! I’m on the lookout for a similar product available in the UK, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I find one 🙂 in the meantime I would keep your eyes out for acrylic dishes for boxes in your local department stores or on amazon.

      Happy hunting!
      xo Alana

  • Kajin

    I’m sorry to as but where did you get the perfect glass pieces ?

    • Alana

      Hi Kajin! I searched for ages for the perfect acrylic dish, and I had the other face cut from a local acrylic provider. I’ve since been looking online for a similar dish but it’s so hard to find. I’ll let you know if I find it online, or when I make my own available for purchase 🙂


  • Mehrene

    Or please please keep me in mind if you ever sell perfume clutches x your work is amazing xxxx

    • Alana

      Hi Mehrene! It’s definitely in the works, and I’ll be sure to let you know when they are available!
      xox Alana

  • raquel

    I was wondering have you made any for sale yet?

    • Alana

      Hi Raquel! Thanks so much for asking, It’s definitely in the works! I’ll be sure to let you know when they are ready.
      xo Alana

  • Morgan

    Amazing I really want to give it ago but been searching online for a soap dish in the uk not having much look! have u made anymore of these yet as I’d love to purchase xx

    • Alana

      Hi Morgan, Do you have Michael’s Craft store in the UK? I’ve found acrylic photo boxes that work well from Michael’s, but I’m not sure about where to get them outside of North America. Check container stores or craft stores. I AM very close to selling mine, so I’ll let you know when they are available. Good luck hunting for acrylic, I wish I could be of more help.

      xo Alana

  • Hi I love this wear did you get the bottle?

    • Alana

      Hi Ivis. I found the acrylic container at a local department store, but similar boxes can be found at, or at Michael’s Craft store, or Amazon.

      xo Alana

      • Britney

        I want to add a chain any suggestions

        • Alana

          Hi Britney! I would definitely drill two holes at the top and attach the chains that way, glue wouldn’t really hold properly.
          Hope that helps!!! xo Alana

      • I bought the continer with the link you provided and did the clutch! I love it! I’m actually thinking of drilling wholes to make it into a purse! Thank you once aging for the inspiration

        • Alana

          Hi Ivy!! I’m so happy you made it and it turned out!!! xoxo Alana

        • Paige

          I just wondering about the already made containers, did it hold your phone and lipstick were they strong enough due to being slightly thinner could u put up a photo of it ?

          • Alana

            Hi Paige! The thinner boxes are definitely sturdy enough to hold a phone and lipstick, although sometimes the clasp is a little flimsy, so I would add the magnetic clasp that I added in the tutorial. Due to the high traffic and requests from so many lovely readers I will definitely make one with the thin box and add a photo. Thanks so much for stoping by and good luck if you try it yourself!!! xoxo Alana

  • yeajonz

    Runnnning Hi-5 to you ALANA~~~~~~

    You did this girl…..and so am I!!!

    thanks sooo much!!! Luvn DIYs


  • Tanee Sellers

    When are u going to a a few for sale I really want one and love how pristine and professional yours looks?

    • Alana

      Hi Tanee! I’m definitely trying hard to get some up for sale soon!! I’ll be sure to let you know when they are available 🙂
      xo Alana

  • Jennifer keegan

    Omg i love the idea do you think the boxes that are already done are near same as the 1 you got made?

    • Alana

      The boxes you can by online are much tinned acrylic than the one I made, which isn’t a bad thing, it will just give it a slightly different look. I think both look great though! xo Alana

  • Donnie

    Hi Alana Would you be able to make me one and ship it to me I love it. I would love to wear it to my birthday party February 1. Email me please are you able to do black?

    • Alana

      Hi Donnie! I am in the process of making some to sell, although I’m not sure how zoo I can ship it. Let me know what country and state/ province you live in and I’ll see if Feb 1st is doable.

      xoxo Alana

  • Kathryn Thompson

    I am so in love with this tutorial, very easy and cost effective! I’m going to get my supplies tomorrow and try it out. Wish me luck! Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

    • Alana

      Yaaaaay! Best of luck Kathryn, let me know how it turns out!! xo Alana

      • Nickandra Barrios

        I want you to make me one! I love how thick the one you made looks! You should make me one ^_^ I would definitely pay for one 🙂

        • Alana

          Hi Nickandra! I will be selling these soon, although due to the available materials they might not be as thick as the one I made in the tutorial. I’ll definitely let you know when they are available 🙂
          xo Alana

  • Hi I am looking for a box in the UK too. I would love to buy one of your handbags! Please contact me if you want to see one. Thanks!

  • Paige

    I’m from australian so a lot if the shops you mention aren’t here, but if I ordered the box container already made what one would u recommend ? And do u think they r strong enough as your one to hold my phone and lipstick ?

  • Paige

    If you do sell them will you ship to Australia?

    • Alana

      Hi Paige, I just saw this message after I replied to your other one, I am planning on selling them soon and i will ship anywhere, Australia included!!! Thanks for stopping by!
      xo Alana

  • Hello kitty

    Please let me know if you sell one. I want one

    • Alana

      I definitely will!! xoxo Alana

      • Davielle

        Hello, where did you find the top piece and the magnetic clasp?

        • Alana

          Hi Davielle! The details are all in the post but I’ll add the links for you:
          -top piece – I found in the photo section at Michael’s craft store but this is similar
          -clasp – found at a hardware store but this is similar

          I hope this helps 🙂

  • milara

    Hej Alana! I live in Denmark, do you ship there too?
    I really want one of these 🙂 Hope u can help. xoxo

  • milara

    Please let me know, when you are going to sale. I REALLY REALLY want one, so in love!!!!

  • hey there i would love to buy one of these bags off you! please let me know if you would be interested, i just dont have the materials around where i live to make one again let me know thank you:))

  • craig

    My daughter wants the real thing and that’s not going to happen this week and, if we can delay the purchase, she will move onto something else next week. In the meantime, please let me buy one. Happy to pay on Paypal in advance. Please name your price and let us buy it NOW

  • This is so gorgeous! Please let me know when you start to sell them! x

    • Alana

      Thank you so much Anne! I will let you know very soon, as I hope to sell them shortly! xo Alana

  • Chloe

    Please please please are you able to make me one of these clutches. Id love to use it for my birthday. xox

    • Alana

      Hi Chloe (great name by the way) I am almost ready to sell them, and I’ll make sure to let you know as soon as they are for sale!
      xo Alana

  • Ana Paul

    Thank you!!! I want this clutch so bad but is really expensive so i’m so glad formthis DIY

  • rachel

    hey Alana i was wondering do you think it would be possible to have it open at the bottom not from the side? Love it though so creative!!xx

    • Alana

      Hey Rachel, it can absolutely open from the bottom, you would just have to switch around where the magnetic class and the hinge are. Good luck!! xo Alana

  • Davina

    Alana can I pay you to make one for me ?

    • Alana

      Hi Davina, I am almost ready to sell some, so I’ll definitely let you know when they are for sale! xo Alana

  • Nerea

    Great DIY! I bought a very good copy (cheap) in a online store of this bag and i’m inlove <3

  • Hi Alana,

    I LOVE this diy Chanel clutch. I’m struggling to find the base unit (soap dish). Do you have any suggestions for US. I went to a plastic maker, and he wanted way too much to custom make the box.


  • Lisa Joy

    Hi there,

    LOVE, love, love this bag you made! But of course, I am terrible at DIY stuff. 🙁

    Can you make a replica of what you have for me? I want the exact copy of what you have. Please let me know when you are able to make these available for sale!


    • Alana

      Hi Lisa!! I’m trying, it’s harder than I thought to find the right materials in bulk, but I’ll let you know if I do 🙂
      xo Alana

  • Grace

    Are you selling one? This is so cooooool!

  • Chelsea

    Hi there! I was wondering if you were selling these? And if so, I would loveloveLOVE to purchase one or be on the wait list please!? Thank you so much!!

  • Will you be selling these? That would be awesome.

  • Hi!!! oh my god, i love it!! Can you send to Norway aswell? Please contact me on my email, i want one sooooo bad! xxx

    • Alana

      Hi Kaja! I’m working on it, but i’ll definitely ship worldwide if I get it off the ground 🙂

      xox Alana

  • Julie Riding

    I NEeeeed one of these bags!!! Please email me as soon as you are selling them, many thanks, julie x

  • Meeka

    This is only question is how could you add a chain to this

    • Alana

      Hi Meeka, you would just need a chain and a drill bit that works for acrylic 🙂 Possibly easier said than done, but maybe I’ll try to figure it out and add it to the post !

      xox Alana

  • Bella

    I definitely want to buy one! Pls let me know if you start selling them soon.

  • Ewoodf

    Have you been able to make and sell the purses yet? I was hoping to purchase one for my graduation in May. =}

  • Alisya

    what type of magnet did you use? is it the normal kinds or other type? I’m inspired by all your diys! 🙂

  • OMG thank you so much for sharing this DIY! have been crushing on the perfume clutch for ages! :’)

    Pudding Monster

  • Awesome Annie!\r\nWhat a lovely description about Cyprus and it’s a place that any of us would visiting

  • je trouve ce choix plutôt original.

  • Are you selling any yet? I love the design, it looks exactly the same as the real one! xx

  • Camille Marrero

    This is fantastic! I’m solo interesting in buying so please please please let me know when you start selling them!

    • Alana

      Thanks Camille!!! I’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 xox Alana

  • OMG!!! I loved the clutch! Super creative 😀
    It looks amazing!

    • Alana

      Thanks so much Carina!!! And thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment <3

      xo Alana

  • Silky Malik

    Hey! Any chance I could buy one of these from you?! I live I. Asia, and finding the materials has been impossible! If you do decide to sell how would I be able to find out, so I could be first in line to purchase? Thanks!

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