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October 9, 2013 7:47 am

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It might be a good time to confess, I’m basically a three-year old. I love board games, cartoons and anything that makes me believe in magic. One non-inspiring monday morning I started wondering how to make Mondays more exciting. I had some left over edible glitter and decided to make my own sparkling coffee sweetener, because…..why not!

There are a lot of edible glitter recipes on pinterest, but they are basically coloured sugar, and didn’t have that sparkle that I really wanted. This is how I made my morning disco drink!


– American Gold edible disco dust (find here or here )
– Powdered sweetener  (I use stevia because it doesn’t kill you slowly…although who knows about the glitter)

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1. Mix 1 part sweetener with 2 parts disco dust.

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2. Sprinkle immediately over your morning latte or store in a small container and use on days when you just need an extra sparkle!  The glitter has no flavour but stevia is very sweet, so sprinkle with restraint (easier said than done.) If you’re like me and need to drown your drink in glitter, use less stevia in the mixture.

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3. Watch out for a glittery milk moustache.

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4. If you’re SUPER nerdy, make your own sugar packets out of paper like I did  🙂

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Let me know if you try it, and if it made your day extra awesome!

xo Alana

 (photographed at ma-luxe studios)


  • Bianca

    I am definetly going to try this!!!! love it

    • Alana

      Yaaaay! Good luck Bianca, and let me know – on a scale from 1 to unicorn – how magical it makes your day!
      xo Alana

  • Michele

    How do you make the sugar packets? This would actually make a great gift along with a tea cup and handmade teabags or a little coffee set!

    • Alana

      Hi Michele! I simply printed some graphics on regular paper,cut out a front and back, then glued the sides with non-toxic glue (just check the label for “non-toxic” and make sure the glue is 100% cured before putting it in contact with the sweetener.) I might actually make a DIY post for this with a template if you’re interested 🙂

      Hope that helps! xo Alana

  • Love the glitter-sweet.. hmmm… got my mind wondering.. I never knew it existed..

  • Oh my how great is this! Love it!
    The Adored Home

    • Alana

      Thanks so much Sandra, it really did make my day! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 xo Alana

  • Oh my…..every Monday morning cup of coffee needs to look like this!

  • Camille

    Just a note – the glitter is not meant to be consumed, though it is non-toxic, it isn’t a “food product,” so it doesn’t go through all of that pesky testing, etc. to make sure it’s safe.

    From the (second) website to which you linked:
    “Disco Dust (American Gold) was developed for the cake decorating industry for use with gumpaste, rolled fondant or royal icing. Disco dust contains ingredients that are NON-Toxic. This product is not considered a food product. Purchase and use at your own discretion.

    Disco Dust is meant to be used on decorative elements that are to be removed from the decorated food product prior to eating.”

    • Alana

      Thanks for the info Camille, I’ve seen the disco dust used directly on cupcakes & cookies meant to be eaten, but I do say in my post that I’m not sure how healthy it is. Thanks for the info 🙂
      xo Alana

  • Yes, Camille got it right.

    Disco dust is plastic craft glitter and not meant to be eaten.
    Those who place it directly on cupcakes and cookies are adulterating food with scrapbooking supplies.

    Doesn’t matter that it’s non toxic–it’s still plastic.

  • Omg! I just found this on Buzzfeed! It’s soo cuteee <3

  • An update since my last comment:

    The FDA has since added disco dust [plastic craft glitter] to the MedWatch list for adverse reactions. They’ll be looking for problems caused by ingesting the product.

    They have also issued an official advisory against putting the product directly on/in food that will be eaten. Any food producer placing it on food is adulterating the food and subject to an enforcement action by the FDA.

    There’s no place for plastic glitter on food, in coffee, etc., no matter how “cute” it is. Sensible people don’t deliberately consume sharp plastic shards that can stay in the body and create problems down the line.

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