DIY Frends Headphones

February 25, 2015 9:33 am


I’m awkward, painfully awkward sometimes. When I have my earbuds in and people try to talk to me… triple the awkward. I knew I should probably buy myself some headphones to limit such encounters and to wear during travel, but the only cool ones I could find by FRENDS cost $260-ish and I have a ton of more important things to spend $230 on.
DIY time!

Tools Needed

headphones – found mine at Future shop for $25
krazy glue / rose gold or copper spray paint / scissors
clear vinyl – I went to my local industrial plastics store and they cut me a few feet for about $5. I chose this material because it’s durable and water resistant. If you can’t find any I recommend any sturdy plastic-like material.

1 / Cut a circular piece of vinyl (mine was 2 inches in diameter and fit perfectly). Make a single cut from the outside to the centre and overlap the edges until you get a very shallow cone shape. Krazy glue your cone in place. Try your cones on your headphones, trim any excess vinyl until the cones fit perfectly.

2 / Apply thin layers of rose gold paint to the cones until completely opaque. I did 4 thin coats of paint. Let the paint dry for a few hours.

3 / Apply a generous ring of Krazy glue around the edge of your headphones and place your cone on-top. The glue will dry in about 10 seconds, so make any adjustments quickly.

 And we’re done!


 This took me a few hours including paint drying time, but only about 10 minutes of actual work. It cost me about $35 to make, although I keep most of these supplies on hand so I only had to purchase the headphones. DIY-frends-headphones-4

These awesome headphones went with my on vacation and totally survived rough baggage handling and sharing limited space with everything else I own. I also took my last DIY, the Chanel Espadrilles with me and they were another hit, keeping me comfy through airport travel.
DIY-frends-headphones-5So, I’d love to know what you guys think of this DIY?

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  • This is so brilliant — I’ve been lemming those headphones for SO long, but a combination of not wanting to have the same headphones as everyone else and the fact that they’re a ridiculous price for just okay-quality headphones kept me from taking the plunge.

    • Alana

      My thoughts exactly! I just can’t spend so much money on some things, hurrah for DIY!
      Let me know if you make these for yourself!
      xo ALana

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